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Marie Z

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Bilingual American with French soul. Traveler, seasoned Chef and marché guide bringing you the best of South West France.

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2020 Workshops


May Day Brocantes

Experience four nights of gracious, lakeside ‘Manoire’ living, fire cooking, and Leonardo da Vinci inspired chateaux visits while spending a long, Loire Valley weekend centered around the most glorious brocantes in France.

Beginning at dawn, we’ll weave our way among more than 1000 vendors on the grounds of the most impressive chateau in the Loire Valley, followed by a leisurely lunch on an ancient tree shaded terrace overlooking the chateau…

Walking the Labyrinth in Chartres


Fire and Feast in Santa Fe, NM

Though we’ve been divorced some 25 years, there is one thing Mark and I still do exceedingly well together, and that’s cook! As the cooking duo known as “Ex’s with Sharp Knives” we’ve produced some impressive meals. Being obsessed with flaming hearth, open fire cooking has lent itself to our combined passion; something we thought worth sharing.

Join us in the Fall of 2019 / Spring 2020 for a weekend (or the “day class”). Our plan is to fill each day with fire cooking and open hearth rotisserie techniques that go far beyond barbecue; we’ll revel in ancient and modern methods while cooking your favorite foods in beautiful northern New Mexico…