As the daughter of a chic Parisian woman and a 3rd generation restauranteur in my own right, it seems only natural to share my love affair with you.


My French grandfather, Leon Briet (known to me as Pépe), loved good food and wine.  It was at his table that my adventures in eating and drinking began.  It was while holding his hand through the outdoor food markets of the 11th arrondissements that the farmers and small producers became my life long obsession. I appreciate what comes from the fields and orchards of family farms because in my opinion the freshest, best quality produce is, without exception, from the small farmer.

It is this passion that led to my catering business in 1985 as well as the subsequent two restaurants I cooked in, owned and ran.  Everything we prepared and served was seasonal, locally grown and if possible, organic. Much of my produce came from the weekly farmers markets and some was delivered to the kitchen door by the farmers themselves.

I was a partner in a vineyard in Mendocino County, California. We produced a marvelous Pinot Noir under the label Gryphon Wines.  We grew grapes on a 120 acre parcel that was untouched by pesticides or chemicals. I also had the marvelous experience of producing my own negociant label;  Marie Johnston Wines - a Chardonay, Syrah and Rosé which was mostly sold through Whole Foods Market. In 2008 the vineyard was bought by Rhys Wines, and I am happy in the knowing that their philosophy and practices will keep the land and water pristine for generations to come.

More recently, I have lived in Paris for three years with my youngest daughter who attended a French bilingual high school. We came to this city because it holds our heritage, and then the 'Marchés' beckoned. This is where I shopped, these are the people I wanted to know and the farms I wanted to visit.  These markets represent a rich, varied tradition that are the underpinning of sustainable family farming the world over.

My desire to share this passion is what created the The French Market Maven, not just to write about a colorful French tradition. I write and cook in support of the farmers and small producers who work so hard to, literally, bring the fruits of their labor to market - keeping alive a rich tradition passed down for many generations, and with our help, for generations more to come.  I hope you'll join me in exploring and supporting them.

Now, I am on the search for my "Forever Home" somewhere between the lush and beautiful Loire Valley and Bordeaux.  I plan to open my home for cooking workshops, retreats and other enriching activities. Please consider joining me there soon.


The Location


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